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Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman spoke with Ben Spurr of The Toronto Star about the global movement to set performance-based prices for curb parking, and remove minimum parking mandates:

The Congress for the New Urbanism reports that the number of North American cities ending minimum parking mandates, citywide, is showing "a dramatic acceleration since 2020 – higher even in the first quarter of 2023 than in all of 2022".

"Park Once" Districts let mixed-use neighborhoods thrive with far less parking than is required by conventional suburban developments. Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman spoke with Paul Barter, on his Reinventing Parking podcast, about how to design, operate, and manage these districts.  Barter writes:

As part of a team led by Opticos Design, Siegman & Associates has been working with the City of Davis, CA, to replace a cumbersome and sometimes contradictory collection of downtown plans, policies, and guidelines with a clear, succinct plan and code. On Tuesday, the new plan and its accompanying form-based code were unanimously approved by the City Council.

Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman spoke with Catie Gould of the Sightline Institute for her in-depth article on why cities and towns across the US are removing minimum parking mandates, what has happened in the places that have, and how they still manage to keep curb parking readily available.

Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman spoke with Ciara Nugent of Time about minimum parking regulations, the economically-illiterate philosophy behind them, and why they increase traffic congestion, pollution, and carbon emissions:

As part of an interdisciplinary team led by Lisa Wise Consulting, Siegman & Associates will be working with City staff, elected officials, and the public at large to update Columbus’ 70-year-old zoning code. WOSU reports:

In an op-ed for Streetsblog USA, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman analyzes the decline and fall of minimum parking regulations:

"Was 2021 the year that U.S. planners finally lost faith in minimum parking requirements?

While a Principal at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman led the Waterfront Parking and Transportation Demand Management Study for the Port of San Francisco. Our study included an analysis confirming the feasibility of replacing several Port-owned parking lots with a theater, hotel, and affordable housing, without providing new or replacement parking.

In a recent editorial, the Modesto Bee’s editorial board calls for implementing our Downtown Master Plan recommendations:

“Today’s leaders have the added advantage of a forward-looking, recently approved downtown master plan at their fingertips.

In an op-ed piece for the Palo Alto Daily Post, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman explains why homelessness has doubled in Palo Alto, and offers three ways to turn things around.

In an op-ed for Streetsblog California, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman explains the harm caused to people with disabilities by minimum parking mandates, and proposes alternatives:

“Research by Santa Clara University’s C.J. Gabbe and UCLA’s Gregory Pierce found that, nationwide, bundling the cost of a garage space into rents adds about 17 percent to a unit’s rent.

Jeff Wood, host of the Talking Headways podcast, writes:

“This week we're replaying one of our most popular episodes in the last few years. Patrick Siegman of Siegman & Associates joins the podcast for spirited discussion about parking. We chat about the etymology of the word parking, the legend that is Donald Shoup, and why the topic of parking gets so personal.”

In an op-ed for Streetsblog California, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman explains why Berkeley should adopt the Council's proposal to remove minimum parking mandates and focus instead on managing curb parking:

"The pandemic has left millions unemployed and unable to pay rent. Some have doubled up with family members. Some have been evicted. Yet in the city of Berkeley and elsewhere, rents remain stubbornly high.

Earlier this month, Paul Barter interviewed Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman on his Reinventing Parking podcast. Barter writes:

“Patrick Siegman has long been one of my inspirations as a parking policy changemaker.

He is a skilled practitioner and consultant on parking (and much more) with an enormous amount of experience across North America and beyond.