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"Parking reform is snowballing" (a CNU article & webinar with Patrick Siegman)

The Congress for the New Urbanism reports that the number of North American cities ending minimum parking mandates, citywide, is showing "a dramatic acceleration since 2020 – higher even in the first quarter of 2023 than in all of 2022". In this article and recorded webinar, Siegman & Associates founder Patrick Siegman and fellow parking experts Catie Gould and Tony Jordan spoke with the Congress for the New Urbanism about the forces driving this trend, how cities can benefit by following suit, and the pitfalls to avoid:

"More middle-class people are being hurt by high housing costs, which makes them more open to parking reform, says Patrick Siegman, an economist and planner who has long focused on parking. Missing middle housing has become a well-known term and desirable goal, and achieving that is helped by the elimination of parking mandates combined with on-street parking management, he explains: 'If you want to restore the practice of building missing middle housing … you need to learn how to manage curb parking well.'”

Continue reading, or watch the video, at Public Square: A CNU Journal