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Pier 70 Parking Demand and Financing Analysis

Port of San Francisco, California
Firm Role
Parking and transportation demand management planning
Up to 2,000,000 ft.² of office space, 275,000 ft.² of maker space, 2000 residences, and 9 acres of parks on a 69-acre site

Pier 70 is a 69-acre site on San Francisco’s Central Waterfront. For over 150 years, the workers on its piers and drydocks have built and repaired ships, playing a significant role in helping the United States win two World Wars. Today, the National Historic Register Site is the best-preserved 19th century industrial complex west of the Mississippi.

In 2017, as part of revitalizing the mostly abandoned complex, the Port of San Francisco engaged Nelson\Nygaard and Seifel Consulting to prepare a parking demand and financing analysis. Patrick Siegman directed the Nelson\Nygaard team, while a Principal at the firm. The purpose of the analysis was to inform negotiations with the Port’s private sector partners, as the Port finalized development agreements for the $1.8 billion revitalization project.

The renovation project will rehabilitate and reoccupy Pier 70’s historic buildings and add new ones. Up to 2,000 residences, two million square feet of office space, nine acres of parks, and a diverse collection of spaces for artisans, retailers, designers, and boutique manufacturers will be added, while continuing to support ship repair work at the largest floating drydock on the West Coast.

The parking demand and financing analysis helped the Port evaluate the trade-offs in setting appropriate parking ratios, given its goals of attracting investment, adding green space, preserving history, and minimizing traffic and pollution. It also evaluated technologies for minimizing parking’s footprint, from lifts to automated garages. The analysis then recommended appropriate maximum parking ratios, as well as transportation strategies for meeting City goals, while improving transportation choices for tenants.

The analysis helped finalize successful development agreements. Rehabilitation of the Pier’s historic core is nearly complete, the nine-acre Crane Cove Park has opened, and construction on the first new residential building is underway.

Images courtesy of Brookfield Properties, Forest City, SITELAB, and the Port of San Francisco