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Community Memorial Hospital District Master Plan & Code

Ventura, California
Firm Role
Street design, parking and transportation demand management planning, parking inventory and occupancy analysis, coding
2008-2009, adopted 2009
9 acres
Honors & Awards
  • Recognized as a Noteworthy Accomplishment by the Form-Based Codes Institute

The Community Memorial Hospital District Master Plan introduces a replacement hospital into a revitalized hospital district. The plan sensitively reconciles the technical and legal requirements of the hospital with the character of the surrounding residential and retail blocks, creating a vibrant new district.

Patrick Siegman directed the plan’s transportation planning component while a Principal at Nelson\Nygaard, as part of a team led by Moule & Polyzoides and Rasmussen & Associates.

The plan emerged from an extensive public process that included a five-day design charrette. The team worked closely with hospital and city staff, local businesses, and residents to design a walkable and beautifully landscaped mix of uses – hospital, office, retail, and residential – in an urban fabric of small blocks and slender streets.

The replacement hospital and two public parks displace acres of public parking lots.

Existing hospital buildings are retained and reused. To accommodate this dramatic change, while still providing ample parking for visitors and staff, we prepared an integrated parking and transportation demand management plan. A new garage, hidden by liner buildings, provides shared parking for the hospital and surrounding businesses. Residential parking permit districts will protect nearby neighborhoods from spillover parking. The transportation demand management strategy will give new benefits to employees, in order to reduce vehicle trips and parking demand.

The plan’s form-based code ensures pedestrian-oriented architecture, while its street standards ensure that both new and existing streets will be safe and comfortable for walking and cycling.

The plan was unanimously adopted by the Ventura City Council, with no one speaking in opposition. The new hospital is now complete.

Images courtesy of Moule and Polyzoides