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Belleview Station Parking and Transportation Demand Management Plan

Denver, Colorado
Firm Role
Parking and transportation demand management planning, station area planning
2007 – 2009
1800 residences, 2,200,000 ft.² of offices, and 300,000 ft.² of retail space on 42 acres

Belleview Station is emerging as an island of walkable, tree-lined urbanity, within the sea of auto-dominated suburban sprawl known as the Denver Tech Center. On eight compact urban blocks next to the Belleview Station light rail stop, it combines offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, cafés, parks, and plazas.

Patrick Siegman directed the development of the parking and transportation demand management plan for this transit-oriented district, while a Principal at Nelson\Nygaard. The plan provides a detailed strategy for accommodating 1800 residences, 2,200,000 ft.² of offices in towers up to 16 stories high, and 300,000 ft.² of shopping and dining – all on less than 50 acres. It also provides for the needs of park-and-ride commuters and a full-service hotel.

To minimize the need for costly structured parking, the plan maximizes shared parking. Shared garages accommodate office, retail, restaurant, residential, and park-and-ride users. Parking pricing ensures efficient use of the garages, minimizes traffic, and will keep curb parking readily available. A suite of transportation demand management strategies – including a transportation management association, carsharing, scooter sharing, bike lockers and showers – improves transportation choices, while reducing motor vehicle trips.

The plan also established a Public Parking District, allowing for cost-effective issuance of bonds and enabling effective parking enforcement on the project’s public streets.

Images courtesy of Front Range Land and Development Co.